The “Talking To Luke” Series



Former paranormal researcher Tania Porter is no skeptic. More than most, she knows that a truth with no explanation is just as real as any fact with decades of science behind it. Her husband, for example. His physical presence on this earth defies all logical explanation, yet he exists, and so does their child.

But after two years, the reasons for his second chance still elude them. They’ve almost stopped questioning, until someone else’s tragedy lands on Tania’s doorstep. A twenty-minute sightseeing airplane tour goes down and all souls on board are burned to death—a mother and her two children, plus a handsome, charismatic pilot loved by everyone who knew him. This strikes a deep chord with Tania’s best friend Lily, who lost her soulmate to a fiery car crash several years earlier. When unexplained paranormal activity rocks the hangars at the now-defunct Santa Rosa Scenic, Lily knows just who to call. She appeals to Tania for help, and sets off a chain reaction of angst, devastation, and blistering ultimatums that threaten to rip the very bedrock from Tania’s world.


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What The Critics Are Saying

"Beyond splendid! Best ending in modern literary history!. . .I can only say READ THIS BOOK so I don't have to write a book saying what a great book this is. "
 ----------Carol Kean, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer


"This is easily a one sitting read. It's so fast-paced, I couldn't stop. I love the characters, the detail, the sense of place Ryan masterfully constructs. I love the true human emotion, the interactions, the conflicts and resolutions. At no point did I feel I was reading a "ghost story." Because nothing felt beyond the realm of possibility. Not one thing. Not one character. Ryan has obviously done extensive research on aviation as well as the paranormal, and no detail has been overlooked. "
---------M. Elaine Moore, author of "The Rest Of Forever" and "Human Sacrifice."


" have gotten me back into reading. Something I haven't done since my divorce almost 4 years ago. Something about the memory of reading while I was married all those years ago hurt. But TTL and Wingspan are so vibrant and full of life (lol full of life, now that's funny) and overcoming the unseen, these have been perfect for me to ease back into one of my favorite pastimes."   ---------D. Bost





Paranormal researcher Tania Mosley has a gift. When the dead will speak to no one else, they speak to her.

After she captures the Holy Grail of electronic voice phenomena—a ghost willing and able to have a two way conversation—lines between the living and the dead start to blur. Luke Porter seems inexorably connected to her. A real boy-next-door. He feels like her friend. Acts like her confidante. Knows the names of all her friends. Plays with her cat. Never mind the fact that he’s been buried in a shallow grave for 150 years.

But what keeps a man anchored to a world that has moved on without him? How much emotion—how much anger—would it take to hold him here? Tania is afraid to ask. Afraid to know. Because sometimes the dead won’t stay buried, and the secrets they tell can rip the living apart.



What The Critics Are Saying

Diane Ryan site back flap"It's one of the best books I've read. And I've read A LOT."
-----------John L. Monk, author of "Hell's Children" and "Kick--the Jenkins Cycle"

"Phenomenal. Fantastic!! I'm smitten with Luke and his story. So swept up in it, so captivated, I dropped everything else in my Kindle queue, failed to write a second review of the month for Perihelion Science Fiction and barely made the deadline for the first review. Luke is so compelling, I'd put my life on hold to hear just a few sentences from him every once in a while, which is sort of what Tania does in this ground-breaking novel, 'Talking to Luke.' "
 ----------Carol Kean, Amazon Vine Voice Reviewer


" 'Talking To Luke' is a complex but fast-moving story, extremely well-written, full of interesting, believable, and three-dimensional characters, solidly researched and reasoned, with twists and turns that will keep a reader turning pages. Highly recommended!"
-------Mary Patterson Thornburg, author of "A Glimmer Of Guile" and "The Kura."


"The intelligence and depth of the writing is incredible. Stark detail juxtaposed with flowing prose is what makes this an outstanding read. Luke's death during the civil war is felt by the reader. His anger and frustration and refusal to stop living, despite his physical demise, resonate through the story like the very electrical current that connects him to Tania. Cheap or cliche? Absolutely not!"
---------M. Elaine Moore, author of "The Rest Of Forever" and "Human Sacrifice."


" 'Talking to Luke' by Diane Ryan had a little bit of everything to keep me entertained."
---------TDC Book Reviews


"The thing with good paranormal fiction is that it doesn't matter what you believe in the real world. It only matters that you are willing to submerge yourself into the book, because the book will make you believe it in its world. 'Talking to Luke' is good paranormal fiction."
---------Rebecca R., Amazon Reviewer