If your way of life is destroying your children

You don’t get to hang on to it

And you don’t get to treasure it.

You figure out where the hell you went wrong

And you fix it.

RELEASE DATE: April 26, 2019


Taylor Beckett is no stranger to corruption. She has studied it, reported it, lost parts of her soul to it. But she has never seen it destroy an entire culture—

Until now.

Three young men are dead, stuffed in blue poly drums and dumped like trash in the Appalachian wilderness. The real story is buried far deeper than the bodies. It’s Taylor’s job to dig for it, but her inquiry into the case takes a dark turn when a local defies the community’s code of silence and becomes collateral damage at the hands of the Mountain Mafia.

The criminal dynamic of Southwest Virginia is unlike anything she’s seen in her career. But Taylor has a history she doesn’t share with anyone. Degrees of overlap between past and present give her unique insight. Do answers lie in the memory she fights so hard to repress? Most importantly, can Taylor face her own tragic secrets long enough to hold the guilty accountable?

High Kill takes a chilling look at the link between animal cruelty and violence toward humans. It’s an inside glimpse at one of America’s most closed cultures, a fictionalized narrative based on the author’s real-life experiences as an animal rescuer and advocate in Central Appalachia.

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TALKING TO LUKE (Book 1, TTL Series)

Top Ten Finisher in the 2016 Preditors & Editors Readers Choice Poll!

Paranormal researcher Tania Mosley has a gift. When the dead will speak to no one else, they speak to her.

After she captures the Holy Grail of electronic voice phenomena—a ghost willing and able to have a two way conversation—lines between the living and the dead start to blur. Luke Porter seems inexorably connected to her. A real boy-next-door. He feels like her friend. Acts like her confidante. Knows the names of all her friends. Plays with her cat. Never mind the fact that he’s been buried in a shallow grave for 150 years.

But what keeps a man anchored to a world that has moved on without him? How much emotion—how much anger—would it take to hold him here? Tania is afraid to ask. Afraid to know. Because sometimes the dead won’t stay buried, and the secrets they tell can rip the living apart.


WINGSPAN (Book 2, TTL Series)

Former paranormal researcher Tania Porter is no skeptic. More than most, she knows that a truth with no explanation is just as real as any fact with decades of science behind it. Her husband, for example. His physical presence on this earth defies all logical explanation, yet he exists, and so does their child.

But after two years, the reasons for his second chance still elude them. They’ve almost stopped questioning, until someone else’s tragedy lands on Tania’s doorstep. A twenty-minute sightseeing airplane tour goes down and all souls on board are burned to death—a mother and her two children, plus a handsome, charismatic pilot loved by everyone who knew him. This strikes a deep chord with Tania’s best friend Lily, who lost her soulmate to a fiery car crash several years earlier. When unexplained paranormal activity rocks the hangars at the now-defunct Santa Rosa Scenic, Lily knows just who to call. She appeals to Tania for help, and sets off a chain reaction of angst, devastation, and blistering ultimatums that threaten to rip the very bedrock from Tania’s world.