At the Scene of “Impact,” NYC

Last year, I wrote a short story for a contest held by the @hardfork-series folks that managed to snag a second place win, despite the fact that I had almost no insight into the world they’re building for the show. I’ve since seen the teaser trailer, and wow is it good! Despite flailing around a bit in the dark for this story, I managed to deliver a some evergreen fiction for the blockchain, and I’m still extremely proud of that effort today.

What I think contributed to the solid feel of this story is the authenticity I was able to give the setting. I’d visited NYC a few months prior to writing it, but still I couldn’t be sure I absolutely nailed the scene. After visiting the city again this week and standing in the very spot where much of the story took place, I have no more concerns about this. Even the composite images used for the cover pic came together seamlessly to represent that specific location. The video demonstrates this magnificently as it pans right to the very spot “Cameron” could have been standing with his bicycle in the composite..

I have to admit–the experience of standing there, knowing what I wrote about that spot set in a future moment of time, was surreal. I hope those events and no others like them ever happen in NYC or any other place in the world. I hope that everyone, everywhere gets to experience this city or another like it when people are at their finest. For example, the young men in the video below, street performers earning an honest living with their talent, working the crowd and motivating kids in the audience to be their best at all times. We stumbled upon this just as they were setting up for their show, only a few steps down Park Row from Starbucks. Call me crazy, but I love New York City. I love the energy, the people, the vibe. I’m glad I set my story “Impact” there, but I really hope no shades of it ever actually happen on those busy streets.



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