Snake of the Day

I had an interesting visitor today. A black rat snake decided to slither his way into my house through the raccoon mesh on my back door. (Yes, I have to keep welded wire on all my doors and most of my windows to keep trash pandas out of my house. Because they will absolutely come right inside and I’ll find them eating out of the dog bowls. Another story for another day.)

(Pictured below: actual raccoon trying to get in the actual door where the actual snake was coming in. See why I need welded wire panels?

Anyhoo, this snake may well sense the impending floods of Hurricane Florence and be looking for safety. I wish I could tell him he doesn’t have to worry, because we are high enough on the side of this mountain that the flood would have to reach biblical proportions for our creek to overflow that much.

Below: what I saw when I went to find out why the dogs were making a ruckus.

For those unfamiliar with the species, black rat snakes are one of North America’s larges snakes. They can grow up to eight feet in length. They’re completely harmless and highly beneficial to the environment. Please never kill this type of snake. They’re easy to handle, either with your hands or with a long stick, and can easily be removed and relocated. See video below.


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