Steem Creators Conference Toronto: Day One

I really did it.

I boarded a plane and flew to a different country.

Those who’ve known me longest will tell you what an unlikely development this is. For my entire life, since I was a small child, I’ve had nightmares of plane crashes and a deep-rooted fear of aircraft in general. For me to actually make a plan that involved air travel and then go through with it – well, let’s just say it’s a momentous occasion.

Well, I survived. And we are having a great time in Toronto!

The Steem Creators Conference has made the stress of overcoming the fear well worth it. I’m here now, Day Two, reaping the benefit of being stronger than my own self-sabotage. Yes, the flight made me anxious. I had no idea I’d be ensconced in a cigar 40,000 feet above the ground, feeling every dip and sideways tilt of a large jet wallowing all over the air. I just expected the ride to be more stable and less like…well, an amusement park ride.

But I survived. And today, I’m here with some of the hottest innovators on the Steem blockchain, including Rick Miller, CEO of Block21 and developer behind the new exchange FreedomEX, Joe Savage, developer of the SBI, and the folks with Steepshot, Partiko, and many others. I’m here to represent The Writers’ Block and our vision for the future with our new front-end site and publishing house. The opportunity to stand in front of these people and present a business model on equal footing just blows me away.

One of the things that makes this trip wonderful is the people here in Toronto with me. @GMuxx, @Jasonbu, @Shadowspub, and I are here representing @thewritersblock. We really are a team. I’ve spent time in person with Muxxy, but this was my first time meeting Shadows and Jason face to face. Instant chemistry. It’s the same chemistry that makes The Writers’ Block work, and we know now that regardless of our backgrounds, nationalities, writing experiences or even life experiences, we connect on a very solid level.

Jason is not only our project coordinator for the IT side of our new publishing enterprise, but he is a Toronto native. We’ve enjoyed the royal treatment this week as he tours us through this beautiful city, bails us out of “tourist” traps, and assists us in numerous ways. Writers’ Block members, he is a tremendous asset to our group and we’re lucky to have him.

I also got to meet a lovely new Steemian who was here as a result of the ticket giveaway by @anomadsoul and @coruscate. When Shadows won the tickets, she offered one to another Toronto local who jumped at the chance to attend. It has been a joy meeting and getting to know @lifesacircus. She brings an energy and vitality into every interaction that is difficult to find these days. Steemiverse, we need her!

It was almost surreal, getting to meet and interact with some of the brightest minds on the platform. @steembasicincome founder Joe Savage and his wife Katy, along with wee Raven, are as down-to-earth and real as anyone you could hope to meet. There is absolutely no pretense with them, and that is the guaranteed way to my heart.

I also treasured the chance to meet @anomadsoul face to face. He and I have chatted quite a bit recently about Steem business, and folks, let me tell ya—as warm and real as he is on Steemit, he’s every bit as warm and real in person. I feel like I’ve made yet another IRL friend, and I look forward to meeting up again in November at Steemfest 3.

I’ll write more about our second day here at the Steem Creators Conference another time. It’s just too much for one post. But I did want to touch base here on the blog and make sure our TWB family knows how much we appreciate their confidence sending us here, and that two days in and one presentation later, we definitely think it was the right move to come.