Talking to the Animals

What If Your Dog Could Talk?

What would she tell you? That her kibble tastes too bland? That she admires you for the work you do? That her mission in life is to be by your side forever? These are things my dog Paige telepathed to animal communicator Tracey Korotky during a phone session we had recently.

For skeptics, even for people who want to believe, it can be easy to dismiss non-verifiable information. So what happens when the information gets specific, and the details coming through are absolutely right?

Tracey received information from Paige that exists nowhere except in the mind of that little dog, the shelter workers, and me, after I was told by the shelter workers five years ago. It isn’t online, isn’t “googleable,” and was not mentioned in any of the conversations Tracey and I had previously. Somehow, Paige communicated that she didn’t “fit,” or belong in any of the three places she’d lived before she came here. Tracey also determined right away that one of those three locations was the side of the road. Ding, ding, ding! You bet it was. Then, Tracey not only picked up on the fact that Paige was transported in the back of a truck (something a shelter worker told me in 2013,) but that she ultimately ended up in the shelter where I found her.

“Do You Really Believe That?”

Of all the backstories that a “cold reader” could have fabricated for an elegant, expressive animal like Paige, the story Tracey related to me would not be the logical choice. The only way Tracey could have gotten those details right is if she tapped into exactly the energy she claims she does. Can I explain it? No. But I experienced it firsthand. Twice. Paige is the second animal Tracey spoke with at my request, and the first animal shared very similar non-public details that there’s simply no other way Tracey could have known.

Tracey asked Paige about her history before she came to me. The concrete details she shared were one hundred percent accurate. Therefore, when Tracey explained that Paige saw her abandonment as an event in her life that built character, that she learned to be very resourceful and survive and doesn’t harbor residual issues, I tend to trust the whole assessment, not just the part I can verify. What sense does it make to believe only the tangibles and discount the intangibles? It doesn’t make sense at all, actually. Based on personal experience, believing what I heard is far more rational than doubting it.

One of the most significant takeaways from Paige’s session with Tracey is the confirmation that Paige serves a very real purpose in my life, in a service-type capacity. This is so significant that I’ll now be looking at certification requirements for canine public access rights. The frantic behavior Paige displays when I’m away from her is not true separation anxiety, but her panic at being thwarted from the job she was placed on this earth to do. It may be years before science can fully explain the blood-pressure and heart-rate lowering effect of pets on their owners. As for me, I don’t need a scientific explanation to know why proximity with Paige has a physiological affect on me. I just know that it does, and that’s the important thing.

“I have always been able to speak to the animals, but for many years I thought it was just stories in my head.”  —-Tracey Korotky

Tracey credits her training in the practice of Reiki for understanding that the stories weren’t just stories. “This is my gift from God,” she says on her website. “I use it to help people and their pets deepen their relationships, strengthen their bonds, and understand each other better.”

Tracey lives in New Jersey, but is able to connect with the energy of pets across great distances. A photo is usually all she needs. She has spoken not only with domestic pets like dogs and cats, but with horses, wildlife, free dolphins, and various cold-blooded critters. Many videos of her at work exist on YouTube. She also has a Facebook page that you can find HERE.

Tracey has the kind of positive energy and connection with her audience that the Steem blockchain needs in its user base. It’s my sincere hope that developers get the kinks worked out of this technology soon so that mass adoption for the platform becomes more practical. With the rise of dApps like @vimm and the integration of the world’s most popular website builder by, we’re shaping the future of the internet. With Hardfork 20 behind us, hopefully the spammer purge is effective and communities that change the Web can become a reality.


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