Toronto According to Jasonbu

Suffice it to say that I had a blast in Toronto. The conference was great, sure. But that’s because of the people. I just spent five days with my Steem family, and now that I’m home, I miss them like crazy!

While I was there, I spent most of my time with @GMuxx, @Shadowspub, and @Jasonbu. Jason is a Toronto native and the best tour guide one could hope for. He really took care of us this week. Jason, we owe you. Big time.

Some of the things I got to see, like the Prince’s Gate pictured in the cover photo, were typical Toronto attractions. The Rogers sports dome. Lake Ontario. Trains. People. Gorgeous urban landscaping. The subway–I have now ridden one. Officially. Paid my tokens and hopped aboard. And off again. And aboard. And off, and…whew! I’m getting tired all over again just talking about it.

Other things seemed more poignant, like the indigent campsites underneath an overpass, and the guy sleeping on the sidewalk with his bike. Every large city has a homeless population, and perhaps Toronto’s is smaller or less prominent. But they’re there, and I can’t imagine what the winters must be like for them.

Then, of course, we had some OMG and WTF moments, like the guy with an itch that just couldn’t wait and ended up in my shot by accident, and the teenagers in Dutch costumes. Let’s not forget the name in neon that I was afraid to even attempt to pronounce.

I particularly enjoyed this lighted sign. You don’t see such things where I come from.

Jason knew exactly how we could see the Blue Jays game in a way that people like me can appreciate—in an air conditioned restaurant that overlooks the field. I have a whole blog post coming about the Sportsnet Grill. In my opinion, it may be one of the most underappreciated attractions in Toronto. Jason also made sure we got to see the CN tower from the walkway that runs between it and Rogers Stadium. The artwork on the side of the megalithic structure is stunning.

The reason we were all there in the city, though, was the Steem Creators Conference. Held at the YWCA downtown on Elm Street, this event spanned three days and provided a stage for presentations about such impressive ventures as Goldmoney, FreedomEX, @battlegauntlet, and The Writers’ Block’s own front-end project, Wordrow. I did try to video some of the presentations, but none of the footage turned out well. @shadowspub, @gmuxx, and others who attended the conference will be posting DLive links of several presentations.

GMuxx and Jasonbu

Shadowspub and I surround @anomadsoul, making sure he knew how grateful we were for the contest that allowed both of us to attend.