Who Said Things Get Easier on the Downhill Side?


Any of you ever feel like this guy?

Yeah, well–me too. My nonprofit rescue, @tarc, is finally moving forward with the October transport, but I’m starting to get a little ragged around the edges. This is hard work. And really, folks…the situation needs to change. It’s ridiculous for so many animals to die so routinely in U.S.shelters that groups like mine even have to exist. We should be spaying and neutering the problem away, not killing ourselves trying to shovel snow in a blizzard.

Here’s the latest post I made about the problem. If you love animals, please take a moment to read it. It may open your eyes to some very unsettling truths about the animal sheltering system in the United States. The Land of the Free isn’t as “developed” as it purports to be. It’s time we stand together as a nation and demand better from ourselves.

I’m starting a Discord for Steemians who’d like to get involved in our push for awareness and change. If you have a social media following away from the blockchain–or even if you don’t–this might be a good chance for you to get involved in a mission of mercy that could span the globe. I’ll be dropping the link to this post in a few Discord DM inboxes over the next few days, and I’ll also be talking about this on Thursday during Pimp Your Post in the Steemit Ramble. That streaming show is hosted by @shadowspub, and is frequently attended by animal lovers and all around good people.I can’t imagine Thursdays without it.

As it stands, the transport is scheduled to leave on the twentieth of this month. Two dogs are going to Vermont on commercial transport and four are going into New Hampshire. This marks the beginning of new lives for them, safe from kill shelters, abuse, and neglect. They are so very deserving of a happy ending. I’m so happy to see it all come together!

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